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House of Anvers – Latrobe

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House of Anvers Corporate LogoThe House of Anvers is a real chocolate taste sensation and a “must see” when you visit the Devonport area. You can watch our confectionery staff tempering, moulding and enrobing fine couverture chocolates, truffles, pralines, fudges and more.

Visit our small Museum of Chocolate and learn how chocolate came to be in the form we know it today.

The museum takes you on a journey from the Aztec Indians, to when chocolate was only consumed as a liquid in the 1700’s, on to Henry Nestle who mixed the chocolate with milk (in 1875), to the chocolate we know today. With a DVD and interactive display to explore you will see what is behind the process of producing a fine chocolate.

Our traditional European style coffee shop, Anvers Cafe, takes your taste buds back to the days when food was an enjoyable experience.  The specialty of the house is of course chocolates, hot chocolate in many flavours, chocolate desserts and … more chocolate!  Belgian breakfasts and light Tasmanian fare luncheon are served, together with a range of teas and espresso coffees for the morning and afternoon break.

Naturally you can purchase any of our product at the Anvers Shop either in-store or online.

Entry is Free, self guided tours are available at no charge. Organised tour can be arranged by appointment for a minimum of 10 people, Monday to Friday, charges apply.

But beware – if anyone gets to see our secret recipes they will never be allowed to leave the premises!

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