Two Hundred Women: who will change the way you see the world

WOW – I have just read the most incredible book by Blackwell&Ruth. which is both a beautiful collection of photographs but is also accompanied by extraordinary and very honest interviews.

Portrait of jane Goodall

Jane Goodall © Kieran E. Scott


It’s a book to read for inspiration and for education and yet at times  I found it quite heartbreaking. I found myself very moved by their stories.

These women are from different parts of the world – some black some white, some are educated whilst others are not, some famous and of course some that are not.  Each woman shares her unique reply to the same five questions.

Interviewees include conservation and animal welfare activist Jane Goodall, actor and human rights advocate Alfre Woodard, along with those who are making a difference behind the scenes around the world, such as Marion Wright Edelman, head of the Children’s Defense Fund.

If you buy yourself one book this month – make it count and look out for 200 Women

You can’t empower women without listening to their stories – Gloria Steinem